Facebook apps to stop working on Windows phone from April 30

If you are one of the very few Windows Phone users who’ve been loyal to Microsoft for its smartphone OS, there is bad news for you.Facebook has announced that it would stop providing support for Windows devices soon.

Engadget reported that Facebook would stop providing support of all its apps for Windows OS starting April 30. For using apps like Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, Windows phone users would have to log in through their browsers. Windows Phone users on Reddit reported that they received notifications about the pull off on April 30. The three apps top the 'Free apps' section in the  Microsoft store. It is unclear how many users would get affected since Microsoft had already stopped selling phones in 2016. It is not clear if WhatsApp would continue providing support for Windows devices. There were several reports online that claimed the messaging company would stop working on Windows phone but neither WhatsApp nor Microsoft has announced or confirmed about the service discontinuation.

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Users have started looking for third-party apps that can possibly provide support for the dying apps on Windows. The company further has announced that Microsoft would stop providing security patches for Windows devices from December 2019. Many popular apps have already stopped providing support for Windows.

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